6 Ways to Extend the Lifespan of your Exterior Paint

extending exterior paint job by chandler painting pros

Most homeowners would repaint their homes every few years to spruce up their curb appeal. Well, the average paint job will last around 6 to 8 years, depending on how to take care of it. Every paint project is unique and can vary depending on the painting contractor you chose to do the job, the surface preparation, and the quality of the paint.

If you’ve recently had your home repainted, you may be are wondering how to make your paint job last. You can follow the tips below to ensure that your paint will last a lifetime.

Prep the Surface Properly

Professional painters know that prepping the surface of your structure will take more time than the actual painting. To get results, make sure all surfaces are clean and dry. Scrape old paints and sand the surface to remove irregularities. Vacuum to remove mold and mildew and clear away shrubbery trees and branches that constantly brush up against your walls. The better the surface is prepared, the longer lasting your paint job will be.

Paint at the Right Time

Temperature is a big factor when applying paint. Normally, it will require 50 to 80 degrees for the paint to completely adhere to the surface. Spring and fall are ideal times to paint since it offers the best temperature to prevent the peeling or cracking of paints. Summer would be too hot considering that the temperature may be more than 80 degrees. Still, painting contractors would conduct temperature tests to ensure the best time to apply paint.

Use a Good Primer

Applying a primer on the wall will improve its texture and provide a better environment for the paint to bond well. There are many types of primer on the market but a good painting contractor can advise on the right type of primer, which can be applied to your wall. The chances of paint peeling or bubbling when there’s a good primer are generally reduced.

Use High-Quality Paint

Don’t use cheap paints. Selecting a high-quality paint brand for your interior and exterior painting project will improve the longevity of the job. The higher quality of the paint, the longer it will last.

For exteriors, you can use 100 percent acrylic latex paint since it gives great adhesion and durability. High-quality interior paints will offer the following benefits for your home.

  • Right amount of shine and thickness
  • Greater levels of pigments
  • Better texture and appeal
  • Strong resistance against bubbling and peeling

Regular Maintenance

Of course, nothing beats regular maintenance in making your paint last longer. For interiors, make it a habit to clean your walls and dust off corners. Pay attention to areas behind the switches, televisions, and other appliances where cobwebs usually start. Don’t let dust accumulate on your walls, otherwise, they can turn into permanent damage. Wash away dirt, mildew, and molds from your walls. Also, make sure you clean your siding and trim annually to extend the life of exterior paint jobs.

If you want a fabulous paint job on your home, feel free to contact Chandler Painting Pros. Our friendly and hard-working team will ensure you have long-lasting paint.

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