Can you Repaint a Peeling Paint?

peeling paint by chanler painting pros

Peeling paint is one of the worst cases that homeowners can experience. However, when you notice your exterior paint peeling, do not just repaint it right away. Certain preparations and processes will have to be followed to ensure that the new paint will not peel again.

Take note that painting over peeling paint is only a temporary fix. If you do this, the paint will peel again in a matter of years. So, what are your options?

Will Primer Stop Peeling Paint? 

Primer is one of the most important steps in any painting project. It is hailed as the “magical healer” of all paint-related issues. But first, you need to scrape and sand the surface to remove the peeling paint. Before you apply a good primer, your wall should be free from paint residues and other elements that could hinder strong adherence to the new paint from the door.

Note that exterior walls are a little more complicated and will require a lot more though when it comes to selecting the best primer. If you doubt, make sure to contact a professional painter to resolve your peeling paint.

Is peeling paint a sign of dampness?

The quick is it can be a sign of dampness. When moisture is trapped between the wall and the paint, it can cause the paint to bubble and peel. Ongoing damp issues can cause paint and wallpaper to peel away from the wall as moisture breaks the bond between them. That is why you will find the paint peeling particularly in areas that are exposed to moisture and condensation, such as bathrooms, kitchens, ceilings, and attics.


Other causes of peeling paint

Poor preparation – Before painting any surfaces in your home, professional paints will prep the surface properly to prevent premature damage. Poor preparation can cause cracking or peeling paint as the latter fails to adhere to the surface.

Too many layers – One of the advantages of hiring a professional paint contractor is to prevent peeling paint. In general, we only recommend applying two coats of paint for the ideal finish. More than that will cause your paint to become too thick.

Dryness or heat – Painting when the temperature will cause paint to dry more quickly than normal. As a result, it will cause peeling or cracking. Sometimes, the paint will become too fragile and crumbly. Moreover, when you DIY, you tend to put more paint on one side than the other without even knowing it.

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