Tips for Painting a Building Exterior

Stage 1: Pressure-Wash Walls

To guarantee best inclusion, eliminate soil and residue development from house utilizing a pressing factor washer. TIP: Work your way start to finish of house in a smooth, controlled way, covering each stroke by 8 inches.

Stage 2: Repair Damaged Surfaces

Stroll around whole edge of house observing harmed surfaces, for example, wood, brick work, metal, siding or plaster. Apply epoxy filler to breaks or openings utilizing spackle blade. When dry, softly sand utilizing medium-coarseness sanding block.

Stage 3: Remove Loose Paint

When outside is dry, stroll around border of house observing any free or chipped paint. Spot drop materials along ground, at that point eliminate chipped and free paint utilizing paint scrubber or medium-coarseness sanding block

Stage 4: Caulk Trim

Fill any holes among house and trim around entryways and windows utilizing outside caulk and caulk weapon. On the off chance that house has blended materials like siding and block, add caulk along surface where various materials meet.

Stage 5: Prime Stains

Look at outside for any colors or noticeable wood ties. Apply one layer of stain-impeding groundwork to zone utilizing paintbrush.

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