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Welcome to Chandler Painting Pros! We offer one of the most reliable services for exterior painting in Chandler. With us, your painting job will be truly successful as we use only the best Chandler, AZ house painters near you. Chandler Painting Pros is ready to take on your painting project!

Chandler Painting Pros is more than just painting. We offer a comprehensive suite of services for exterior painting in residential, industrial, and commercial industries. Our painting crew has complete certification, skills, and experience to successfully complete large scale and small scale painting projects.

Let us take the pain out of a painting. Our goal is ultimately to make every homeowner and business owner happy with the end result of our painting services. We have been in the painting industry for many years now and we can give a 100% guarantee that our painting services are top-notch and high-quality.

We pride ourselves as the best exterior painting company in Chandler, AZ and we hope you will agree and tell your friends. Our years of hard work and high-quality results are proof of our reliable service.

Guaranteed 100% Eco Friendly

Rejuvenate your home or building a façade while taking care of nature. We, at Chandler Painting Pros only use high-quality, fast-drying, and eco-friendly paints. While we all have the colors you need, we are basically going “green”, which means that by choosing us, you are also taking care of the environment.

We make sure that you get your desired color while minimizing the impact of hazardous chemicals to the environment and your property.

Why Paint your Exterior

Painting your exterior brings about many benefits.  Trust Chandler Painting Pros to do the exterior painting job for you. Here are a few we think are very important.

Increase its value

Planning to sell your home? Painting your exterior is a great way to secure or potentially increase the value of your home.

Protect it from harmful elements

Painting your exterior gives it an added layer of protection from elements, helping keep your home safe from damage from termites and corrosion.

Prevent it from fading

Fading exterior can make it look dull and boring. High-quality paint can give it a total makeover making it look brand new.

Helps trim and sliding last longer

Don’t let dirt, mildew, and other debris on your trim and sliding destroy your precious investment. Giving it an exterior painting make-over can help your property last longer.

When you are ready to upgrade your interior, call us at (480) 448-6705.

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