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Chandler Painting Pros knows what it takes to achieve quality stucco repair. We are a licensed and insured painting contractor, providing stucco repair in Chandler, in addition to our other services. Combining stucco repair and exterior painting can greatly impact your home’s value and curb appeal. Not to brag, but our work will make your neighbors jealous.

Stucco is one of the most beautiful home and business exterior materials in the world. Over 60% of homes in Arizona have a stucco exterior. Unfortunately, stucco is also subject to damage and requires more attention than brick or siding.

What Causes Stucco Damage?

Living in Arizona, it is important to be educated on the material your home is most likely made of: Stucco. While stucco is a popular choice among homebuilders in your area, it is not unusual for cracks to appear at some point in a building’s lifecycle. Damage can consist of unattractive cracks, blemishes, and holes. In some cases, the damage is due to external conditions – such as harsh weather conditions being the culprit; in others, an accident or construction project requires stucco repairs.

Stucco Restoration Process

Our team can restore your home’s exterior beauty! Our restoration process begins with power washing the exterior walls, repairing the stucco, and repairing the exterior trim. Stucco repair is one of the most important investments a home or business owner can make. Not only does your property look more attractive, it can increase the value of the residence.

If your home or business needs stucco repair, contact Chandler Painting Pros today!

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